Discover The Easiest Way To Play, ......And You'll Sound Like A Pro Before You Know It!

Uke With Reuben!  

Feel the wonderful, expressive freedom that only comes from playing music!
Don't listen to anyone who says music is 'only for those gifted with talent. ... It’s just not true!

  • ​​​Music Makes You Feel Great!!
  • ​Music Enhances Memory With Catchy Lyrics, Melodies, & High Pitch!​​
  • ​Musical Vibrations Are Absorbed By Skin & Bones Improving Blood Flow &  Immunity!
  • ​Music Increases Sound Perceptions & Attention To Detail!
  • ​Playing Music Develops Motor Skills, Balance, & Focus!
  • ​​Perseverance In Music Leads To More Personal Confidence
  • ​​Weekly Group Lessons
  • ​Select One or Two Lessons Per Week With Your Membership
  • ​​Members Enjoy Special Pricing On Items In Our Retail Store!
  • Jam Sessions Are Free For Members!
  • Members Get Access To ​Weekly LIVE Broadcast & Online Recordings !
Ukulele for Pre-schoolers

Ukulele for Pre-school

Ukulele for Kids

Ukulele for Elementary

Ukulele for Teens

Ukulele for Teens

Ukulele for Adults

Ukulele for Adults

New Groups Are Forming Now!! 

Music Keeps Us Connected!

Our groups are designed to challenge you so that you can enjoy playing music on your own instrument by yourself, or in harmony with other musicians!!
You can even perform on stage for the entertainment of others!  It's all up to you!

Want To Play A Different Instrument?

Music is not like other activities which you do occasionally.  It is more like learning a new language.  If you want to become ‘fluent’, then you need daily repetition, as well as frequent interaction with other students.  The most successful musicians train weekly with a one-on-one personal instructor. So don’t become discouraged if you forget the lesson!  Just plug into a class, tune into an online group, or drop by for a free ‘Members Only Jam Session’

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Vocal Groups, Chorus & Coaching

Guitar for Beginners

Bass Guitar

Drums & Percussion

Violin 'Boot Camp'

Piano 'Boot Camp'

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